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DVD format video standard

Friday, August 24th, 2012

DVD Video derived from eight pictures to drive, so their demonstrated performance both in film service. It uses a standard MPEG2 ( ISO/IEC13818 ) to compress the image, this standard there are two significant parameters : the screen resolution of 720 x 480,reishidab5d55ck rate reached 1M to 10Mbps.

MPEG2 VCD MPEG1 320 x 240 resolution was improved more than four times, the amount of data also increased many, coupled with a sound quality also rises somewhat, reach 24bit/96kHz standard, and support plug-in subtitles and audio, as well as many ways such as digital control function, therefore in unit time broadcast data flow add. The original VCD data flow is only 150Kbytes/s, is about 1.15Mbps, now DVD is the highest peak at 10Mbps.

DVD format audio standard
Vintage DVD does not provide AC3 and DTS decoding, this task is made from a special amplifier to complete, so the old DVD machine film now may not sound. Now electrical appliances store sales of the DVD machine, dvd copying software will write ” double Decoding “, refers to the AC3 and the DTS two kind of voice coding decoding.

AC3 is DOLBY labs conventional audio standard, it is designed for the cinema and design. Pioneer in cooperation with DOLBY, improved AC3 standard, make its can support up to 5.1 channels. AC3 data flow (that is, audio bit rate ) the standard is 384kbps, it is also compatible with two channels of the stereo and mono, AC3 two channel rate of only 128kbps, dvd to iphone it is the voice of MP3 data rate. The highest detail AC3 standard, rate in 448kbps, because of its small volume, reasonable compression, so it was widely used as a DVD film audio storage standard.